News | 16 October 2013

Here at Practical Care Products we are pleased to announce that we have been assessed and approved by "Quality Assured Systems" to the following quality management system, standards and guidelines:

                The International Standards BS EN ISO 9001:2008

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news | 09 May 2013

The Level-Dec EasyFit solves the potential installation problem of the drainage point being obstucted by joists within timber floors. The unique revolutionary drainage feature allows the installer to rotate the drainage point through 360 degrees to any point that will avoid the joist, or other under floor obstructions. This Dec is suitable for use with vinyl flooring or tiles and available in twelve sizes from a compact 800 mm square to a spacious 1500 x 1200 mm option. Whatever your requirements are we have it covered.

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News | 09 April 2013

The use of a thermostatically controlled shower unit prevents scalding but does mean that the water may not get hot enough to remove soap/shower gel residue from the drain. This can lead to slow drainage from the shower area. We recommend that you flush the shower drain on a regular basis with hot ( not boilng ) water to help keep the drain clear of residue build up.

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News | 28 March 2013

Level access showering is a simple and safe solution to maintaining independence at home. However, due to the nature of these installations, drainage is often shallow. We recommend the use of an electric shower, when adapting the bathroom in this way. A shower with a mixer valve can be used but it may be necessary to add a flow reducer.

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News | 19 February 2013

Tiles for your bathroom floor come in many shapes and sizes. The thickness of the tile is not an issue with our stainless steel waste DSS1/H. This has an adjustable height top which allows for tiles from 6 mm to 26 mm in depth.

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